CoffeeFest 2022: Good Citizen Coffee

CoffeeFest 2022: Good Citizen Coffee

About Us




Why Us?



Living at the intersection of accessibility and artistry, our specialty coffee and accessories are made with personal practices in mind. We offer fresh tastes, takes, and designs to help elevate your customer’s coffee ritual. 

By choosing our coffees, you are part of our mission to give back to farmers from all across the globe who tirelessly care for their land to provide us with a cup of comfort.

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Partner with Us!


Good Citizen serves all areas of the food & beverage and hospitality industry. Our team’s combined 60 years of knowledge and hands-on experience make us the perfect fit to effortlessly create your ideal coffee program. 

We base all our partnerships on the core tenant of free education and ongoing consultation. We want to be your trusted advisors for all things coffee. 

To get started fill out our Become a Retailer form and our team will be in touch.

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Through our Flora & Fauna initiative, we commit to paying an additional 5% to core farmers so they can invest in their land, thus investing in the future and biodiversity - a cycle of people helping people.

Join us in our pursuit to be good citizens for generations of coffee consumers to come. 

For more information, please visit our About Us and Sustainability pages.

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 From bean to cup, we focus on working with producers and importers that value transparency & sustainability alongside us.

 Our team looks for coffees that are clean, sweet, and balanced.  We lean towards washed coffees but enjoy natural and other processing methods when it transforms the coffee in a new and innovative way.

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- Transparency First - All honor and support go to the farmers who do the work to source, grow, and harvest our coffee beans. Sourced from sustainable farms, we provide specialty-grade coffee without sacrificing nutrient-dense farming lands.

- Sustainable Practices -  Our giveback mission supports farmers’ lands and our earth through an additional 5% cost of their coffee so farmers have extra income for regenerative agriculture farming. Bio-based packaging for both brands supports our mission for eco-friendly coffee consumption from start to finish.

- Industry Experience -  As a coffee company with a national presence, we have built brand trust through dedicated partnerships and staying true to our farmer-centric values.

- Educational -  We value giving consumers the information they need to conscientiously shop for coffee.

- Eye-Catching Design -  Our playful packaging draws in the customers while our values and taste keep them coming back for more. Shop our Homeware

- Competitive Pricing -  We offer customers a reasonably priced coffee with strong branding and a meaningful cause that is typically only found in higher-priced coffees.

Good Citizen Products

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