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From farm to future. Through our Flora & Fauna Initiative, we pay an extra 5% to select coffee farmers so they can invest back in their land, creating healthy, fertile soil for generations to come. Now available for wholesale!


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Bulk Simple Syrups

Developed with barista-forward flavors and made with high volume cafés in mind, these syrups combine pure cane sugar and premium, all-natural ingredients.

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We are Good Citizen

We are a specialty coffee roaster and lifestyle brand with a heart to see regenerative agriculture used throughout the world. We roast coffee that appeals to all drinkers and aim to create useful products to go along with them. At the core of who we are, we want to be good people that advocate for biodiversity, creating true relationships with farmers, and delivering specialty coffee for future generations

Flora & Fauna

If we want specialty coffee to exist for our children's children, we must start making changes now. That's why we created Flora & Fauna. We commit to give back 5% to coffee farmers to invest in healthy eco-systems on their land because we care about them and our earth.

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