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Flora & Fauna

If we want specialty specialty coffee to exist for our children’s children, we must start making changes now. 

The Idea

For too long society has chosen quick financial gain over long-term investment. Tropical deforestation is leaving our precious growing regions devoid of necessary nutrients to function long-term. 

The answer is simple in theory, but costly in practice. Give back to the land by planting trees and fruits and vegetables that invite animals and bugs to thrive in their natural habitats. But, of course, something like this takes time and money - resources we universally lack. 

But, if we want to see coffee producing-countries thrive, we must make the investment now. 

The Reason

The seeds of Flora & Fauna took root in Costa Rica. Sean was walking the land at Finca Cedral Alto with the farmer, Jorge. He had agreed to purchase all of his 1st year crop - because of the complexity and beauty of the cup and Jorge’s heart to grow, learn and make his farm healthier. 

 They walked past a large piece of land growing squash on the ground. Sean was intrigued particularly because this land could easily be cleared for more coffee trees. But, Jorge explained this squash was there for the animals so they could eat and then contribute back to the land, encouraging a healthy ecosystem and more nutrients in the soil. 

 Sean was taken aback because Jorge had chosen long-term land investment over the chance to sell a few more bags of coffee right now. 

 We’ve always tried to be conscious of how we make coffee improvements with our farmers. They work their land daily and know best what it needs. By listening to their needs and offering to help in planting crops for them, it seems like a very tangible way to help without overstepping our boundaries. 

The Solution

Investing in biodiversity is a cycle of people helping people. The research is overwhelmingly clear - climate change will half our tropical coffee producing regions by 2050. Plant species are dying. Animals and bugs have no natural environment to reside in - so they leave. 

That’s why we’ve created Flora & Fauna. We commit to give 5% of our profits back to our farmers and back to the earth by investing in biodiversity at our coffee farms.